Kalamata is famous for its balsamic vinegar with its elegant taste, its dark amber color and its thick texture.

It is made from grape must, which is placed for maturing in wooden barrels and obtains the specific aroma and color, along with the intense flavor.

A natural product with strong antioxidant activity, since it is produced from red grapes enhancing its nutritional value and protecting the human body from cardiovascular diseases.

It contains no preservatives, colorants or additives and consists a source of ferrum, calcium and magnesium.

It is a product, which is low in calories and therefore it can be used safely in various traditional and delicate recipes, even as a marinade for meat.

As a powerful component it gives a strong character to salads, combined with dried figs, raisins, unsalted nuts or fruit. Pairs exceptionally with the Kalamata olive oil.


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