Poliani Apples

In the region we meet different varieties of apples.

Their rich aroma and flavor make them the first choice for the people of Kalamata.

It is a valuable product, which is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants (flavonoids, polyphenols), fortifying the immune system and protecting the body from degenerative diseases (e.g., colon cancer), and cardiovascular diseases.

Their Insoluble dietary fibers help the proper functioning of the intestine and regulate cholesterol in the body, helping in digestion of food.

They are an excellent choice for glucose control in the body especially when they are not too ripe.

Consume them either fresh or cooked (stewed), as a dessert or as an ingredient in sweets (apple pie, spoon sweets) with infinite combinations and variations.

It is also a very healthy intermediate meal. Combine them with a little cinnamon and honey. Irresistible!