Mediterranean diet - General information

– The fertile soil, the climate along with nature contribute to the cultivation of many raw materials of the highest nutritional value, giving Kalamata all what is required for a balanced and healthy diet.

– Vegetables, greens from the mountain, fruit, nuts, cereals, table olives, dairy (sfela), pastries, meat and fish/seafood, under the umbrella of the famous Kalamata olive oil, fill in the puzzle of Kalamata’s diet.

– The fact that olive oil consists the most important ingredient of the Mediterranean diet and at the same time it is the most valuable commodity of Kalamata, explains the indissoluble relation of the Mediterranean diet with Kalamata.

– The contingency of these two is undeniable, as many (or even all) of the fundamentals of the Mediterranean diet can be found in the area of Kalamata.

– The fundamentals of Traditional Mediterranean diet are: high consumption of olive oil, the variety and the richness of fruits, vegetables and raw grains and pulses, average consumption of dairy, fish and wine (when accompanying meals) and limited meat consumption.