Sausage with orange

Fine pieces of pork, with scents from spices and orange, cooked in wine and smoked. It contains small orange pieces, which is very characteristic.

Sausages can be preserved for long periods of time because of their processing.

A great snack for cooking on the grill or fireplace, as the smell of burning food has a leading role in every table in Kalamata throughout the year.

It covers essential needs of our body in high biological value protein.

It provides significant amounts of B vitamins.

It contains enough salt, as it is also used as a preservative.

Its saturated fat and salt containing, make it a nutritional choice which is best to be consumed in moderation.

Served neat, grilled, but also found in delicious recipes of Messinia (Kayana, omelette, Spentzofai, etc.).

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