Salted pork (Pasto)

Pork meat cooked without the fat.

Remove the fat and corn the meat with salt. Then smoke it with wood and herbs from the region. Finally, boil it with wine and flavor it with orange. Maintain it using traditional methods without any particular treatment.

The pickling treatment has been a way to preserve meat out of the fridge. The salted pork should be consumed fresh and hot or maintained in oil for a long time.

Pork consists a very good source of protein and essential aminoacids, making it a very satisfying snack.

It is a rich source of selenium, zinc, magnesium and B vitamins.

Due to its processing, it contains an increased salinity and as a red meat, overconsumption is not recommended.

It is a traditional meze, which can be consumed neat, along with wine, ouzo, raki or beer or as an ingredient in local traditional recipes – omelets, kagiana, etc.

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