Rice (from Sperchogia)

It belongs to the amylaceous and therefore is rich in carbohydrates and a very good energy source.

Its complex carbohydrates are been gradually absorbed by the body, providing a better regulation of blood sugar levels. Furthermore, in combination with its protein content, it adequately covers the feeling of satiety.

Rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and B vitamins.

It consists a meat acoompanying and the main ingredient of many traditional dishes and sweets, such as stuffed tomatoes (gemista), lachanoryzo, spanakoryzo, artichokes with rice, lentils with rice, ntolmadakia, soups, rice pudding, and many more.

It can be easily combined with legumes (lentils, beans, mung beans-psilofasoula) achieving a full nutritional meal for vegetarians and non.

Each summer Sperchogeia hosts the “Festival of Rice”.

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